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It is an exciting time for Buddhism and the world. Each day more Buddhist texts and commentaries are being translated into numerous western languages. Most of the world does not know how vast and deep the Buddha’s teachings are.  A clear view of the different lineages and practice traditions is rarely given and it takes some time to understand without strong personal interest and study.  Here we would like to present, as clearly as possible, the meditation lineage of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. 

Translated as the “Ear-Whispered Lineage” the Kagyu tradition is characterized by its focus on meditation and holding the view obtained through practice at all times and places.  Combining both the Yogi traditions of India and the view of Mahamudra, along with the early Kadampa tradition, the Kagyu lineage has a rich history and wide range of teachings.

It is important to remember that study and reflection is only a part of the Buddhist path. The process of bringing what was learned into experience through meditation is the focus of Buddhism.  

Today, we are offering access to these teachings in various formats…text, visual and audio.  Please enjoy and may these studies benefit you and all beings.